Masanori Tsuzuki

Birth Date: Aug. 16
Age: 14
Astrological Sign: Leo
Blood Type: A

Masanori Tsuzuki is the stern-faced, young son that is to be the heir of the Tsuzuki Cooperation.Though Tsuzuki claimed the title of junior world champion at only 6 years old, his true dream is to pair skate. However, he only has little over a year left before high school, which to Tsuzuki means a little over a year to find and train with a partner.Thus began the "Cherry Project."

To facilitate the "Cherry Project," Tsuzuki and his friends Kouichi and Hiroshi transferred from Green Garden Academy to Chieri's high school and into Chieri's class (2-2).However, their fast-paced, intensive training of Chieri created a flaw in Chieri's skating.Tsuzuki, taking guilt for fault, set on another track to help her but other problems come his way as well...


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