This is evy.  I am the webmistress of the site,

which was specifically made for  Below are some notes about 

the presentation and organization of this site.




ALL NAMES on this site, if they be Japanese, are given

surname first.  This is because Japanese

names are spoken/written that way.  Thus,

in Takeuchi Naoko, Takeuchi is the last

name and Naoko is the first name.




ALL IMAGES on this site have been edited by evy.

Edited means having been altered or changed in

some way.  Sometimes there are additions to/

subtractions from the image to suit my purposes.  Other

times the colors have been changed or properties altered to

fit graphic purposes as well.


IN SHORT, I don't own any of these images but I find

it idiotic to steal my graphics (e.i. stealing this background).

Despite the fact that even the images in the image galleries

have been edited and/or enhanced by me, those are

FREE to take.  However, linking back to this site would

greatly be appreciated! 







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